Drivin’ & Jivin’ (Kayman Records, 2004)

Another masterpiece from Egidio “Juke” Ingala ! Along with his Californian” friend, the highly gifted guitar virtuoso Alex Schultz, Egidio is demonstrating his skills, and superb taste. Rightly, this team’s playing the first league of European jump and blues bands. This album features a well-balanced mix of originals and covers. Stylewise, Juke even went a step back in history. Covers by Jimmy Liggins or Tiny Grimes, and the addition of horns on four cuts are nice examples of 1940s and ’50s style r&b. But you’ll also hear a lot of harmonica, and guitar. Superb!
Egidio Juke Ingala Vocal & Harps, Alex Schultz Guitar, Alberto Colombo Guitar, Walter Tosin Upright, Gio Rossi Drums, Jürgen Magiera Piano, Stefano Sernagiotto Sax, Fabrizio Tallachini Trumpet.

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